Unapologetic Raw Fleece Enabler!

My Favorite Fiber Processing Tools

valkyrie combs


In my opinion, the best combs out there! I started out using them just for me, but now I use them for teaching my combing classes.  In my personal opinion, if you have the Superfine and Extrafine combs, you will be able to comb about 95% of all fibers. I've added a link below to the Valkyrie site, but also check out Mielke's Fiber Arts or Spunky Eclectic.

Flat Comb


Best used on a really clean fleece that has fairly open locks, but you just want more uniformity and removal of any VM or short bits. I wouldn't use it on a heavy VM fleece or clumped tips. The flea comb is a bonus and if you have a dog or cat, well, you have a really nice flea comb! I suppose it could be used on a superfine fiber, say...under 15 microns.



This is actually a cat brush, but it works great as a flicker! The pros: it only costs about $5 and the size is wonderful. The cons: it's not as durable as an actual flicker. I have several and they are strategically placed around the house anywhere near where I might need one. I even use them for classes! I've thought about making a flicker this size with real carding cloth. Maybe someday..

Tip: Best used on easy to open locks, to remove VM and short bits, I wouldn't use it to try and open a matted or slightly felted fleece, it's just not durable enough. 

Round Wash Baskets


I'm often asked where I get my baskets. I buy them at the Dollar Tree. Depends on the store as to when they've got them in stock and the colors seem to change periodically, but they seem to have them in stock pretty regularly. You can order online, but they only come in a box of 24 and not one color, but several. If you don't mind the colors or can share them with friends, they're a great buy at only $1 each. Ship to store and no shipping charges! Woo hoo!

These are wonderful to use and I'd never go back to washing in net bags or fishing the fiber out of the bucket with my hands...I always seemed to miss some fiber that way. These work like a charm!

Rectangular Wash Baskets


These are absolutely perfect for keeping locks all nice and lined up! They can fit two rows across or if you have really long locks, you can turn them the other way. You can't go wrong with these if you want to keep the fiber from tangling.

Commercial Salad Spinner

How did I ever get along without this! I used to use a laundry bag and swing it around outside to remove water. This does a phenomenal job! Don't be tempted to get the 5 gallon one...it's overkill, really. The 2.5 gallon one works wonderfully, it works best for me if I put a little in at a time. I can spin it very fast and it gets out so much water! I think it's awesome!! 

Below is the link to where I bought mine.